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OnlineCash4PayDay.Com was started 10 years ago with the intent on helping people bridge the gap with personal finance solutions. Typically, unfortunate circumstances are common, we just can’t predict them. However, when a project or a gap comes up, we are here to give you access to the money you need when your in a pinch or want to make a financial move. Whether your needing a cash advance, installment loan, personal funds for debt consolidation, title loan, or any type of financial advance, we can deliver.

Over the years, our partner lending network has grown to over 100+ nationwide lending institutions, banks, etc. As a matter of fact, we are now able to provide lending access in 44 states. Because of the sheer size of our partner network, applications through our secure form are approved daily. Loans of all shapes and sizes from $100 to $5,000 are funded using our extremely fast and reliable platform (website). Payback agreements also range from your next paycheck to larger amounts getting longer terms/years agreements.

When we started, there just wasn’t much choice for everyday consumers to get the financial help they needed when their in a crunch. Maybe you weren’t in a pinch, but wanted to make financial moves like consolidate debt, vehicle repair, take a vacation, etc.. Maybe your a young 22 year old and because of a minor hiccup on your credit report, a traditional lender will not grant you any type of credit or loan requests. Maybe your a more seasoned adult with a great credit profile and want great terms and rates on the money you borrow? We knew there was an opportunity to get a nationwide network of lenders in front of the majority of people where they can now apply for credit from their own private home or office? Now here we are 10 years later and having helped facilitate over 250,000 happy consumers get the cash they need, we are feeling very proud to help the people who live in this great country, called the U.S.A, get money and funding they need for all types of projects each and everyday.

We use industry leading security to protect your information. We encrypt with 256 bit/SSL encryption to ensure the highest security standards to help protect your personal information. Our national lenders also treat your information with the highest of priorities to ensure a seamless and healthy financial relationship. Once again, our goal is to provide financial lending access to help while protecting our customers from any type of identity theft or foul play. We do not take fraud lightly and will prosecute to the highest degree of the law. Online payday loans and cash installment advances, when used responsibly, are a great tool to help in times of need. We do everything in our power to protect our business relationships to ensure a fair and balanced lending platform.

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6505 E. Central  STE: 166
Wichita, KS 67206
(855) 465-4815
Hours: 8am-8pm (cst)