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Cash Advance
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The term online cash advance started many years ago when credit card companies started to allow consumers who carry these cards to request an instant fast cash loan on their available credit limit. Whether this quick option is from your local bank, visiting an ATM, or withdrawing at a local financial institution, this type of quick cash advance is fairly common. However, don’t forget, the card issuers will typically charge a nominal fee of anywhere from 3-5% to do so, which changes depending on the amount of the advance. By the way, this compounds with the 24.99% interest rates on your current balance.  Interest starts compounding daily starting from when the cash is initially borrowed.

Now keep in mind with these easy types of instant cash advances, you have to carry a credit card in order to qualify. Also, you must have enough of an available balance left for you to borrow on. If you do not, your options are limited. While a large portion of our population can and does carry a credit card or two or three, there is a large portion of our population who either do not carry one by choice (do not believe in carrying credit loan debt), or just cannot do so.

OnlineCash4Payday.Com specializes in fast cash advance funding to provide instant financial help for people when incidental emergencies happen. Now, no need to have a plastic card to qualify for instant cash advances you may need today. No credit card needed! Getting financial help can be difficult if your used to visiting your local bank or credit union with all of their guidelines and requirements. They provide typical lending programs and usually require necessary documentation in order to qualify. These can be time consuming. Timing in these situations can be difficult as these unexpected circumstances rarely come at the right time. We understand this and timing is of the utmost importance. Our system requires a lot less paperwork with much higher application approvals.

Merchant advanceMerchant funding solutions are a different form of borrowing that allows businesses to take out advances against their existing credit card transaction monthly volume instantly.  Of course, the only way to make use of this method is to have a business and a credit card processing account that is also in good standing.  As your businesses bottom line takes the hit for a period of time, the initial cash is yours to do with as you please.

Safe & secure lendingWhat we do here is provide quick access to fast cash advance online that’s tailored to fit the needs of regular people’s situations. Because this is what we do each and everyday, our lending partners of cash loan lenders are ready to lend now. By filling out our online application, typical funds are deposited usually with-in 24-48hrs after approval. Privacy is secure through our SSL security protection and your personal information is confidential.

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After submission of application and lender review, rates can be better or worse than the graph above. Personal information is confidential and sent through secure-socket layer protection.